Simple and Easy Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are perhaps one of the simplest parts of planning your wedding, they are also often the part of your wedding which is often left until the last minute to do. Obviously this can make shopping for the wedding favors extremely stressful. However, there a many different options for wedding favors you are able to do both quickly and easily. So if the stress is building because your wedding day is quickly approaching and you have not yet purchased the favors, then this article will help give you some ideas for some easy wedding favors.

Flowers as wedding favors is no doubt one of the simplest wedding favors that you can give to your guests. There is practically no preparation involved in this particular wedding favor and depending on how many wedding guest you are planning for, you may not have to place your order for the favors to far in advance.

You can always just give each guest a single red rose as a favor. This obviously is a good choice since the rose is a symbol of love. You will also find it very easy as the single rose will not have to be wrapped. You can just purchase one red rose for each guest and have a friend or family member place one rose across each place setting after the tables have been set for the reception. You can also decide on a flower which is used in your table centerpiece and then have the florist place one flower at each place setting when they arrange the centerpieces.

A very popular and easy wedding favor is candy. There are many different ways to give the candy out as wedding favors. You can place the candy in a basket, tin, or even in a formal baggie. However if you are on a very tight wedding budget you can save a lot of money not to mention time by using large bowls filled with various types of candy as the centerpieces on each table. You can then leave a note for each guest encouraging them to enjoy the candy in the centerpiece.

Another option for an easy wedding favor are picture frames. You may want to use the picture frame to hold your place cards. This can reduce a great deal of stress and save you a significant amount of time, since wrapping each picture frame favor individually is very time consuming for both the bride and groom especially if they have held off on the wedding favors until the last minute.

One final suggestion for an extremely easy wedding favor is to give each wedding guest a digital photo of themselves at the wedding. You can do this by hiring a photographer to take a picture of each person or couple as they arrive at the reception. Then have the photographer bring a high speed printer along to print the photo quickly. This way you can give the photos out to the guest before they leave the reception.

Another reason you may like this idea is because often times your wedding guest will be dressed up and enjoy the opportunity to pose for a professional quality photo. You may even want to check with the photographer to see if there is any way that he can put together a quick and simple slideshow presentation which the guest can view watch after all the photos have been taken. Doing it this way will not only give your wedding guest the opportunity to see how the photos turned out as well as have a personal memento of your wedding event.