The Captivating Appeal of The Lion Head Wall Fountain

Lions are the most fascinating felines. Did you know that a faction of Lions is called a “Pride”? A pride is ruled by just one single lion that is usually male. He could be quite territorial with all his female mates and of the area which he dominates. If another Lion attempts to control his pride they take on each other in a battle until one dies. The contender who lives takes over the entire pride, assassinating the litter of the former lion and he becomes the sole partner of all the felines.

A Lioness is the forename for a female. In a pride only the lionesses hunt during night time. They do not grow tufts of hair that crown their necks. That makes a male distinct from a female lion. Lions are carnivores as well as nocturnal creatures. All these traits make the Lion at the top of the food chain. And most of all, what made him earn the title of King is his famous roar which resounds through the rest of the forest!

The Lion remains to be the most favorite model by most artists. The graceful stance and its toned muscular physique is revered in various forms of art. The Lion’s head most especially its mane is the revered icon of supremacy and power.

In the Renaissance period, it’s architectural designs the Lion’s head is very much prevalent. It usually adorns the top of the columns that provides the foundation of palaces and is the main embellishment of water fountains. In our time whenever you see the lion head wall fountain it is suggestive of the time when Greeks and Romans lived in wealth and luxury. The maker of quality fountains, brings us back to an era when felines ruled the ancient times. Their creative reproduction of the Renaissance period enthused fountains with the blueprint of a sculptured lion’s head prepared out of polyresin finished to look like rock to give it that old world appeal. From the lion’s open mouth spews clear water creating an ambiance of serenity and calmness. The spout looks like real stone giving it the illusion of heaviness when it is actually light.

It is suitable to mount on any wall and is appropriate for both enclosed areas and out-of-doors. Do you want to feel what it’s like to be in a Renaissance sanctuary? Then adorn your environment with Lion Head Wall fountain!