What Different Events Can I Bet On

There are a vast range of sports that you can place a bet on; from team games such as football, rugby or cricket, to individual games such as golf, boxing or tennis. There are also a wide number of racing events to wager on, such as horse, greyhound and Formula 1 racing.
There are also other non-sports events that you can take a gamble on, including TV reality shows and political events.
In this article, we take a look at the most popular, and offer you a guide to the types of bet you can place, and well as a few handy hints and tips along the way.

Betting on Boxing
Boxing is a popular sport to bet on – one that isn’t just confined to the flashy pay-per-view main events promoted by Don King and Frank Warren. There are hundreds of lower key fights running throughout the whole year, offering you all the action and betting excitement that you could wish for.

Take a bet on the outright result (win, lose or draw) or you can wager on one of the lesser known outcomes. These include naming the round in which the match will end, and spread betting the total number of fight minutes.
Although it may be tempting to bet on the underdog, statistics show that this approach is rarely profitable. Always use past performance to guide you, even if this means being unoriginal and betting on the form favourite.

Betting on Motor Racing
Although Formula 1 racing is not a year round sport, it does offer plenty of excitement and action during its March to October season. You can choose to make bets on the eventual winner of each race, head to head results, qualifying times, and naming drivers to get a podium position. You can also bet on overall championship winners of course.

When making a bet on an F1 race, you must take the whole team into account – not just the individual driver. The mechanics in the background and those in the pits also have a considerable influence on the race, and shouldn’t be overlooked.
Betting on Non-Sporting Events
In addition to the many sports events available to make a bet on, there are other non-sports markets offered throughout the year, such as:

TV reality shows, such as Big Brother, Fame Academy, X Factor, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here and Hell’s Kitchen.
Political events, such as election winners or party leadership contests.
Music bets, such as the Christmas No.1, or Eurovision winners.
Awards, such as the Booker Prize, Oscar winners or the Mercury Prize.